Thursday, June 7, 2018

Installation of Python Windows/ Linux/ Mac

Here we show how to install python on:

1. How to install python on windows

Python On Windows Installation Steps:

Step 1 Go to click here, Then mouse hover on download and select windows now click python 3.6.5.

Step 2: After Download Double click to setup file and then click run

Step 3: Check Add python 3.6 to PATH (To set Globally on Your Computer) and then click Install Now 

Wait for completing setup 

Setup was successful Install on you computer

Now verify press window key + r and type cmd 

Now Command prompt Open

Now type python --version to see the python version if you can able to see the python version then python has been successful install on your PC 

2. Install Python in Linux

On Debian derivatives such as Ubuntu, use APT:

$ sudo apt-get install python3

On Red Hat and derivatives, use yum:

$ sudo yum install python

On SUSE and derivatives, use zypper:

$ sudo zypper install python3

2. Install Python in Mac

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