Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How the Web Work

Hello everyone and welcome to stackseeker.in today article on how the web works.

In this article actually going to be discussing the following ideas. 

How the web works what is actually happening when you put a URL into your browser and hit enter 

1. How it connects and retrieves the Web site. 

2. What is full stack web development. 

          Let’s Started ! So what happens when you at home and you open up your browser and visit a website.

Let’s Breakdown the basic steps:-
  • You start off by typing the URL into your browse.

How The Web Work

  • Your computer then sends this request as a packet, which includes the IP address of the website you want.

  • It sends this request through wires, or a satellite which eventually links to wires using your internet Service Provider(IPS) 

  • So if you're at home your request is eventually sent through either copper wires or optic fibre wires to the server that we're about to reach or if you're on your cell phone it links to a satellite which links back down to earth which then ended up going to some sort of physical wire. 
  • And at a very very basic level the Internet is basically just wires connecting computers with some sort of protocol. 
  • So your ISP will then re-route the request the appropriate server location using the IP address as the guide 

  • And then once your request reaches the server it can send back the Web site you asking for.
  • However a full web site of content is too big to send back as a single packet of data. 
  • To solve this, the server sends back the Web site split up into many many packets. 

  • The the packets come with instructions on how to get back to you and reassemble once they reach you 

  • The packet don’t care how try get to you, just the final location 

  • Once the packets reach you, they are reassemble to show the page 

  • All of the Movies at close to the speed of light , so ot happend very fast 

              This is the higher level explanation, but for our purpose it is all we need to know for now 

Full Stack Development

Let’s continue by discussing what is term “full-stack” means 

  • There are two main components of a website 
                 1. The Front-End 
                 2. The Back-End

The front-end is what you see as a user on the website 

The back-end is the technology used to actually decided what to show you on the front-end 

  • The front-end revolves around three technologies 

                 1. HTML 
                 2. CSS 
                 3. JAVASCRIPT

You will heard about front-end technologies such as jQuery and Bootstrap but those are built using the previous three

  • The Back-End of a site has tree components

              1. The Languages 


              2. The Frameworks 

                          Ruby on rail 

              3. The Databases 


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