Thursday, June 14, 2018

Flow Control in Python

Flow Control

-> Computer programs are always executed in sequential manner.

->Anticipated possible condition occurring while execution of the program and specify instructions to be executed for each condition.

->Decision statement evaluates logical expression in which produces TRUE or FALSE as outcome.

->Specify statements to execute if outcome is TRUE or FALSE

->non-zero and non-null value as TRUE. Zero or null is assumed FALSE

Program flow can be altered using:-

->Branching or decision making

->Loops or iterations

Under Flow Control we study following Topic:

1. If Statement , If else Statement , Nested if statement

2. For loop, Use of range().

3. While loop, While loop with else.

4. Break and Continue.

5. Pass Statement.

6. Looping Technique.

We Cover All Topic one by one in details:

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