Computer Awareness Program

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Course Overview

1-Basic computer

  • Introduction
  • Overview of computer part
  • Overview of software

2- Computer parts & it's functionality

  • How do they work
  • It helps to you to know your computer problem relation to the part
  • Including history and revolution
  • Ports guideline

3 - Assembling of computer parts and dissembling

  • Choose your right hardware
  • Compabity hardware
  • How to choose right cable

4 - Trouble shooting of computer

  • Software for checking cup performance

5 - How to install operating system

  • What is Bios and how to change their setting
  • Install operating system using usb and dvd drive
  • Increase speed operating systems
  • Operating system file and folder structure
  • Type Of operating system and their impotence
  • Hardisk partition and type of partition formats


6 - How to install Basic softwareÂ’s and Uninstall

  • How to choose your software for your hardware
  • Software guideline
  • Get software update
  • Website for downloading software

7 - How to install drivers

  • How to choose right driver
  • How to check performance after install right driver
  • Learn about Device manager
  • Install driver manually and automatically

8 - Computers security and internets

  • Firewall , types of firewalls , malware's
  • How to internet works
  • Ip address configuration
  • Lan configuration
  • What is server and how its work
  • What is database
  • How to speed up your browser and change browser setting

9 - Life time support -

  • Get discount for 1 year on purchasing of desktop laptops


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12- Other benefit for this programs

  • You get free update for our website
  • You can access free video
  • You know daily update on your register email and mobile
  • You can free to ask any question on website related to your problem
  • If you want to make carrier in computer we help you


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